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The F Series

Designed with balance and purpose in mind.

Each of these saws are designed by me with a specific purpose in mind. The name comes from the Fibonacci sequence. I used the spirals that are mysteriously found through out the beautiful world we call home to design as many of the rounded parts of the handles as I could. 

These saws are the antidote to a problem that I had noticed in my own work in the last year. Weight and balance. Over the last year my work had gotten increasingly large and cumbersome. These saws utilize many small "Knobs" that I can turn as a sawmaker to try and push them more towards balance. All 4 of these saws utilize a canted plate, pushing weight back towards the heel and away from the toe. They also feature smaller backs on the smaller saws, helping them feel more like an extension of yourself and less like a fatiguing tool being held in your hand. These saws also feature thinner plates then their predecessors and in some cases; shallower depth of cut. 

All that combined with an aesthetic design that pursues graceful lines and embraces cleanliness where ever possible has resulted in what I believe are very striking and very purposeful saws. 

Custom designs, sizes, and species available on request of course. Subject to pricing and healthier lead times. 

The F 9 $250CAD 

A 9" dovetail saw

This saw features:

A lighter 5/8” back.

A canted 9” .018 1095 spring steel plate

1 5/8” at the heel -> 1 1/2” at the toe

A 15PPI toothline with a progressive rake for easy starts.

The high hang and relaxed rake angle make this the ideal saw for halfblind work.

Shown in Cherry


The F11 $275 CAD

A 11" dovetail saw

This saw features:

A lighter 5/8” back.

A canted 11” .018 1095 spring steel plate

14PPI toothline with a progressive rake for easy starts.

2” depth at the heel-> 1 5/8” at the toe.

This is the perfect all around dovetail saw, The longer length allows for smaller gang cuts, perfect for drawer side work.

Shown in Birdseye Maple


The F13 $300 CAD

A 13" Carcass saw

This saw features:

A heavy 3/4” back

A canted 13” .020 1095 spring steel plate

A 12 PPI toothline filed hybrid (crosscut on request)

2 3/8 depth at the heel-> 2 1/4” at the toe.

With the fairly neutral hang angle, and 7° of fleam this is the saw makers Jack plane. A jack of all trades if you will, It rips well thanks to it's reasonably aggressive rake angle, and crosscuts proficiently thanks to the fleam. The ideal backsaw to live on your bench all the time. 

Shown in Freijo


The F16 $325 CAD

A 16" Tenon saw 

This saw features:

A heavy 3/4” back.

A canted 16” .025 1095 spring steel plate

3 1/2”” at the heel -> 3 1/4” at the toe

A 12PPI toothline with a progressive rake for easy starts.

A nice heavy plate makes a great heatsink, a neutral hang angle, an  aggressive rake and deep gullets make this the perfect saw to cut large tenons for your workbench, dining table or king size bed. 
Shown in Bubinga

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